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Constructor "French Temple"

Price: 12 £

  • It offers ceramic bricks, a paper foundation, tiles, special glue and instructions that will assist you assemble it quickly. This kind of set is perfect for a child old than 6 years.

Mini-constructor "Antique shop"

Price: 10 £

  • It's going to let you efficiently assemble it without outside help. Thekit includes the basic elements for assembly and stuff that firmly glues the stones together. The finished construction will soon be reliable and sturdy. This really is a great option for children from 8 years old.

Constructor "Medieval Castle"

Price: 18 £

  • It has many small details and it is created for older children. Moreover, you can help the baby, and spend an extremely productive and bonding time with her for both of you . This kind of leisure will definitely have a positive impact on your relationship, and the child learn how to coolly gather constructors.

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The whole constructors are constructed with ceramics. It 's an eco-friendly information that makes it as safe as feasible for babies.


Some constructors introduce the child to the basics of architectural fine art.


Because all designer models are stylish and original, the done product will occupy an exceptional place in your home .


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